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Feline and Canine Veterinary Services

Here at South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellness, we know all about cats and dogs -- their quirks, their needs and their potential health issues. From earliest puppyhood or kittenhood, we provide thorough physical examinations and recommend the right foods to support these critical first months of development.

South Valley veterinarians provide canine vet servicesVaccinations play a critical role in protecting your pet's health. Core dog and cat vaccines are generally begun at the age of six to eight weeks. Core kitten vaccines include those for panleukopenia, feline calicivirus and rabies. Core puppy vaccinations include rabies, parvovirus, canine distemper and infectious hepatitis. Your dog or cat may also need vaccinations against Feline Leukemia, kennel cough or other ailments, depending on the risk of exposure. Booster shots are needed for these core vaccinations at regular intervals. We can administer the appropriate dog or cat vaccines for a lifetime of good health.

Spaying or neutering, another dog and cat veterinary service provided at our clinic, also makes a big difference in your pet's health. In addition to the obvious benefit of preventing litters of unanticipated additions to the already overburdened cat and dog population, surgical sterilization can prevent reproductive or urological infections and cancers. It also controls the spraying, aggression and other antisocial behaviors associated with sexual cycles.

Adult dogs and cats should also receive regular checkups so we can detect parasites, skin diseases, tumors, eye and ear problems. Dental checkups and cleanings can also keep your pet's teeth and gums in good shape. We can provide dental cleanings and extractions if necessary Los Lunas cat vet services provided at South Valley Animal Clinic and Equine Wellnessto prevent dental complications.

As your dog or cat ages, he may have more trouble getting around due to arthritis, and the resulting change to a more sedentary lifestyle may encourage weight gain. Kidney problems can also cause weight gain due to water retention. Other senior dogs and cats may lose weight due to digestive problems. We can help by putting your pet on a special diet to improve digestion and ensure that he receives the correct blanace of nutrients. We can also prescribe medications, surgery or physical therapy to help manage pain and improve mobility.


Call us at 505-807-9985 to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat.

Exclusive Offer

South Valley Animal Clinic is happy to announce our 9th year of service! Help us celebrate by recommending our veterinary clinic and bring in your furry member of the family for great care and excellent customer service. We are so fortunate to be serving the South Valley and Albuquerque area, call our office at (505) 807-9985.

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South Valley Animal Clinic Joins PACA's New Public Spay/Neuter Program

We are excited to announce our support of the 'Fix the 505' program.  Fix the 505 is a small scale FREE spay/neuter program for low income pet owners.  PACA (People's Anti-Cruelty Association) selected a few local veterinarian clinic's, including South Valley Animal Clinic to participate in this necessary program.  Please watch the short video above or visit http://paca-aar.org/index.php/donate/sponsor-a-spay for more information!

06/01/2015 UPDATE

This program has been restricted to South Valley residents struggling to spay or neuter their pets.  In order to get your pets scheduled, please request a PACA Voucher from The Animal Humane Society or from a Bernalillo County Animal Control officer .  Please call (505) 255-5523 for more information!


Dr. Heite and the rest of SVAC staff, Thank You! From the bottom of our hearts for your AMAZING care for our dogs. You're an awesome team, and we trust you above anyone else to provide immediate, compassionate, and reliable solutions. We cannot begin to thank you for going above and beyond to help Sissy. We know she has an amazing medical team. 

With heartfelt appreciation, Sanchez Family
Albuquerque, NM

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